Stop Breath & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think creates guided meditations that users can follow through their apps, Alexa skills, and on Slack. In Spring of 2017 I helped them with a complete rebuild of their website. Their existing site was static HTML pages that had to be updated by their developers. I was hired to build a custom Wordpress theme that would make it easy for everyone in the company to make content updates without needing to know HTML or CSS. The theme also had to be flexible so that it could support a variety of page designs, allow for mobile and tablet designs to be customized in the CMS, and to be able to grow with the company.

In order to accomplish this the theme I created for them made heavy use of Advanced Custom Fields and ACF's Flexible Content field type . While the majority of the design elements from the mock-ups could be made using this framework, I also created fields so that their developers could make more fine tuned edits to each page's and sections presentation.

Stop, Breath & Think website screenshot